11 November 2012


In the MINKPINK Office, we’re all bitten with the travel bug and the need to collect vintage knick-knacks. So what better way to use our collected postcards then to create a totes cute Travel Journal?!?!

Step 1. To keep with the travel theme, I used vintage postcards to create the pages of my book. Most thrift and antique stories have plenty of dirty plastic bins full of these, but if you want an online option I picked up these from this etsy shop. That shop has tons of postcard packs and probably a set pertaining to the location you're visiting! 

Step 2. Staple the postcards together on top of each other, by stapling in an X where the two postcards meet. You'll want to overlap them some, so the pages aren't too floppy. 

Step 3. Next, lay a wide washi tape (mine is a Japanese tape made by MT), sticky-side up and place the front and back postcard covers halfway on the tape. 

Step 4. Fold up the overlapped tape so the outside binding is done. 

Step 5. Add the next page to the beginning of the book and lay another piece down on top of those pages.

Step 6.  Cut off the excess on the top and bottom. Do this to the rest of the pages of your book until the pages are too bulky to shut. Next fill the pages with embellishments, titles, and lined journaling spots. Don't forget to leave spaces to paste in photos!

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  1. Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

  2. This is such a cute idea! Great alternative to a travel diary. I shared it with all the @travelers on Reachably!


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