20 July 2012

MINKPINK Designers DIY Day

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We've been busy little bees working on the new 'Suped up Slashers' competition!

We held a spesh DIY day in the Sydney office for the MINKPINK design to team to let their minds wander and dream up some killer, creative, customised slashers!

Now its time for you babes to make your own! A $1000 MINKPINK wardrobe is up for grabs for the winning pair of Suped up Slashers!

For info and to enter, visit our Facebook page (here) and hit the 'Suped Up Slashers Tab'!
We are so excited to see your creations! How will yours be different and crazy cool?

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  1. So impressed you guys, spesh with those unicorn ones! I need to invest in some of that iron on transfer stuff I think!


  2. Thanks lovely! YES! Iron on transfers are ACE!


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